Your December Chattacon Update

Heeeeey Chattacon! Did you pre-register for Chattacon 2021? Good for you! There are perks to be had, and we are not talking about coffee (this time).

Happy Holidays to one and all!

As some of you know, Chattacon 46 is going virtual for 2021! With everything in the state it is in we feel the only safe, responsible Con we could throw would be a virtual one and the best news is…It’s totally FREE!

The convention planning underwent a number of changes over the last few months with our move to a virtual setting, but, do not fear, because the content you know and love from your favorite Con is still here, along with some exciting new initiatives.

Chattacon going virtual offers plenty of new benefits to fans far and wide. We get to try new things! And you get to be a part of where we are going!

If your wallet has kept you from checking out Chattacon, or if you have been hesitant to attend thinking “it is the same ole’ crowd“, Chattacon is doing a new thing, and we hope you will join us again this year!

Let’s Get Into It

Did you pre-register for Chattacon 2021? Good for you! There are perks to be had, and we are not talking about coffee (this time).

If you are one of the early registration people then you will be pleased to know that the badge registration that you purchased will automatically roll over to Chattacon 47, and you are already ahead of the game!! See, you ARE all gamers (so don’t miss our new online gaming this year).

So what does that mean anyway?

The deal is this. If you pre-registered for your Chattacon 46 badge, you DO NOT have to purchase a new registration for Chattacon 47 AND

…please watch your mailbox for your Chattacon 46 badge and lanyard! These will be sent out very soon, and for those of you who collect your tokens of Chattacon attendance, you won’t miss a year! Mind you, our postal system is a bit busy with getting packages to their destinations, so don’t sit by the door awaiting your badge… but it is coming your way!

Is it too late to Pre-Register for Chattacon 46?

We are glad you asked (we heard you thinking through the interwebs)!

No. Now is the perfect time for you to snag your badge for both 2021 and 2022 for the same price as one. What a deal! In fact the deal is SO saucy, that you should register right now -> REGISTER.

Chattacon pre-registration closes at 11:59pm on December 31st, 2020, so do not wait too long. The longer you wait the tighter the squeeze on the postal teams to get your badge and lanyard into your hand before we launch the Virtual Con.

So, I pre-registered – Now what?

We have a lot of exciting things planned for the virtual Chattacon, Jan 22nd – the 24th. The team here at Chattacon has all the things that you love about the con ready to stream right into your house!

This year, you won’t have a long drive, hotel costs, or bad jokes from the MCs! Instead we’re offering:

  • A variety of panels and presentations by our content creators where you can learn about the unique qualities of our handpicked guests
  • Keynote presentation from our featured Literary Guest of Honor, M.D. Cooper
  • Live art panel and chat with our featured Artist Guest of Honor, Amanda Makepeace
  • Game tips and more from our Special Guest of Honor, Brian Cooksey
  • Chattacon Art Show with stunning pieces from both well known and new talented art producers
  • Virtual Consuite: We thought it’d be fun to bring the food to you, by way of recipes and videos from all of fandom. Put on your apron or chef hat and get ready to create some Chattacon-inspired culinary magic in YOUR kitchen. Submissions are being accepted now.
  • Discord Watch Parties: Beam into a party or two, hanging out and chatting with con attendees, just like hitting a room party at a con. Only, you get to bring your own drink and snacks. Party host signups are live now, so don’t wait to start promoting your gathering.
  • Recorded performances from Chattacon fandom, both present and past

A Virtual Consuite, Online Gaming, Dealers room, Art Show and much more! You do NOT want to miss the gathering of friends that is Chattacon!

Chattacon 47 is back on MLK Weekend!

We can also announce that Chattacon 47 is in the books and planning is already in the works.

Chattacon 47 will be held on January 14th – 16th, 2022 at the Doubletree by Hilton in downtown Chattanooga. For those NOT pre-registered for Chattacon 46, you will be able to pre-register for the 2022 Con starting February 1st, 2021.

Longtime Chattacon attendees know what a big deal it is gathering fandom on MLK Weekend here in Chattanooga, and we are excited to be moving back to such a historic weekend!

Stay Tuned in with Trackside

The best way to stay informed of when Pre-Registration goes live, guest announcements and more is to make sure you are subscribed to Trackside, a publication that you may have seen during the Con itself. Now online, in a monthly newsletter format, it will be the source for Con exclusives, and perks, so make sure you are signed up.

Additionally, you can follow Chattacon on social outlets for announcements and sometimes just a good laugh. We can’t wait to see you next month!

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