Chattacon Program Book

Interested in advertising in our annual souvenir program booklet? We sell a limited number of ads in our booklet, which is distributed to every person who attends the convention!

Chattacon is currently accepting Ads for the 2023 Program Book

Want to be part of the Chattacon History?

Then snag your spot in our next souvenir Program Book! The Chattacon Program Book contains biographies of the guests, panels, entertainments, and general information about the convention, and other articles of interest to the con attendee. They often a prized possession for any Con goer, and they are rarely tossed aside. 

Deemed as collectibles (with time) you can go down in history (or Tradition since 1976) with Chattacon by advertising in our Program Book. Ads must be genre-specific: science fiction, fantasy & horror literature, media or comics, as well as conventions and events, fan clubs, or items of suitable interest to our attendees.


Ad DimensionsPrice
Full Page$120
Half Page$80
Quarter Page$50

Non-profit fan and amateur organizations may be entitled to a discount.

The Program Book editor is the sole judge of what constitutes a fan or amateur organization. Ad deadline is October 31 for each year of Chattacon. For additional information, please contact the Chattacon Program Book Editor.

Chattacon IS a Literary Con... GET SEEN!

Chattacon is always looking for short stories, art work and other material for inclusion in our Program Book. You can submit material by email to the editor or by mail to the Chattacon PO Box. Electronic formats, of course, are preferred. One short story may be chosen for publication by a biased panel of the editor’s own choosing whose decisions will be final. The author will be given a free membership to the convention.

Any and all submissions will remain the property of their authors with the stipulation that Chattacon has the non-exclusive right to publish (or not to publish) the submission in the next or subsequent Program Books.

Chattacon History

Looking to hit the throwback, and revisit some of the Chattacon gatherings you have attended over the years? We did too, and decided to save them all here for us all to go back and live again. Oh the years we have had! As everything “webby”, the Chattacon History Pages are a work in progress, and we are also always seeking your memories. Want to share your visits to Chattacon with us. Hop over to our Chattacon Media Center and submit some deets! We may even use your content in Trackside Online!