Chattacon Masquerade

Chattacon’s Masquerade is always a big draw. The creativity and inventiveness of our costumers never ceases to impress our audiences. The winner will take home a cash prize.

The Infamous Chattacon Masquerade

Chattacon has always been a convention that encourages costuming!  From Hall Costume contests, Steam Punk Fashion Shows to classic Masquerades, Chattacon has given  costumers and cosplayers a platform to display their very best finery!

Contestants from all over the galaxy converge to showcase the best of their costume/cosplay skills for our esteemed panel of judges and audience. Cash prizes awarded to the most outstanding costumes and Best of Show!!! Our biggest event!!!

The overall winner will be the face of this page on the Chattacon Website – your photo, and costume will become the page header for a full year! You will also be mentioned here, along with a link to your website or social media page to help with your costuming endeavors! 

Chattacon Masquerade Rules

  1. Use the entire stage. Don’t bunch up. Show both the front and back of your costume.
  2. This is not a talent show, dance recital, comedy act or American Idol. This is a costume contest. Skits are encouraged to help show off your costume, but keep it short. We have many people trying to get on stage, so be considerate. All acts should be less than 2 minutes.
  3. Don’t be too proud. Let the helpers assist you on and off the stage. You can break your costume and/or your head.
  4. Anything that may pose a hazard to the audience, yourself or the facilities is forbidden. If there is a doubt, you must get approval. If you violate this rule you, will be disqualified, you will be held personally liable and you will be removed from the convention.
  5. We are all here to have fun. Anyone being disruptive to the contest, convention or other contestants will be removed. This is based on our judgement. 
  6. There will be photographers around wanting to take your picture. We will try to make this as non-invasive as possible. If a photographer is disturbing you, please let our staff know.
  7. Our staff is here to help you look your best on stage. If you have any questions, concerns or special needs, please feel free to ask.
  8. The judges will assign your costume to a category of their choosing. Please use the pre-judging time to make sure they understand your costume. The judges decisions are final.
  9. Be on time to pre-judging. If you are late or we can’t find you we will cut you from the contest at our discretion. If you need to step out for a minute, please check with our staff to make sure we know where to find you.
  10. No costume is NO costume. Nudity is not permitted.
  11. The MC and/or judges will interact with you. It’s a compliment.
  12. If you break the rules, we will pull you from the contest… even if you are on stage. Period.

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