Chattacon Artists

All guests of honor, panelists, performers, presenters, artists or any other individual who may present in some way at Chattacon are booked in good faith and we have their guarantee that they will appear when we announce they will be at the convention. However, unforeseen events (illness, family emergencies or production work) may cause a particular guest to cancel. 

Chattacon Art Show Artists Past & Present

Would you like to be a part of the next Chattacon? We would love to hear from you! Each year Chattacon strives to bring you the amazing artists from your community and sometimes even farther away!

Also on display...

Artists from Prior Chattacon's

Looking to hit the throwback, and revisit some of the panels you have attended over the years? We did too, and decided to save them all here for us all to go back and live again. Oh the years we have had! As everything “webby”, the Chattacon History Pages are a work in progress, and we are also always seeking your memories. Want to share your visits to Chattacon with us. Hop over to our Chattacon Media Center and submit some deets! We may even use your content in Trackside Online!