About Chattacon

About Chattacon

Chattacon. A Tradition in Fandom Since 1976

Chattacon. A Tradition in Fandom Since 1976

Chattacon - A Speculative Fan Experience

Chattacon is a convention for fans of science fiction and fantasy in all media held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Chattacon was founded by Chattanooga native Irv Koch, and the first Chattacon was held in January 1976.

Chattacon is a Chattanooga staple, being the one of the first Science Fiction Conventions on the scene, beginning in 1976. From Irv Koch and his buddies gathering to chat about their latest Sci-Fi novel with friends, to the long standing fellowship surrounding the love of Science Fiction Literature, Chattacon has never lost it’s purpose. We love books. We love Science Fiction. We love people. Our purpose remains, even when pushed to change; a focus on literary love. Read something everyday!

Chattacon is held annually in January at one of the many downtown Chattanooga hotels with available function space. It is a usual occurrence for our host hotel to be sold out and we then move into overflow facilities. Chattacon is always held during a full weekend in the winter, starting on Friday and wrapping up Sunday afternoon. The convention never completely closes down during this time, providing members with access to a fully immersive experience for the duration of the event.

Highlights and Details

There is even more to experience at Chattacon as well, so make sure you make your plan to come check us out!

A Brief Chattacon History

Chattacon was formatted as a “relaxacon” when it first gathered in 1976 and it drew 81 guests, and lost money. By Chattacon III in 1978, it was a more traditional science fiction convention, with A. E. van Vogt as Guest of Honor, and had returned the costs of its original organization to Koch, with enough left over to serve as seed money for Chattacon IV.

The Chattacon Convention Committee is organized as a fund-raising committee sponsored by Chattanooga Speculative Fiction Fans, Inc.

Chattanooga Speculative Fiction Fans, Inc. (hereafter referred to as CSFF) is organized as a non-profit organization with the purpose to promote the appreciation of literature through the advancement of speculative fiction.

If you would like to read the full historical information about Chattacon, we have all that information too in our Historical Archive.