Chattacon Room Parties

A Chattacon and all con fandom tradition, room parties are THE place to hang out and see the friends that you met last year.

A Custom in Fandom - ROOM PARTIES!

It is a well known old custom of Con going Fans, that frequently a group (most often another Convention) or an individual will remove their Do Not Disturb sign, prop open the door to their hotel room, and invite friends and Fans to gather in fellowship. During these wonderful exchanges of Con talk, visitors are treated to beverages and light snacks, that are provided by the host. 

While most Convention Room Parties are “open” — i.e. anyone can attend — there are occasionally private parties that are held. It is pretty easy to discern between the two by the open door. Another easy way is to look around the hotel elevators that may have signs that will direct you to open parties. If you can’t seem to find the party you are looking for you can always check with Convention Operations, as “most” parties are known about (and visited) by Chattacon staffers.

Thinking about hosting a Chattacon Room Party?

It is customary for attendees of Chattacon to move from party to party all night, so it is a great time to print up some flyers to promote your cause or just to meet some new friends. Chattacon Room Parties are held on both Friday and Saturday nights. If you are interested in hosting a Room Party at Chattacon, you can contact the Chattacon Programming Department who can help you with any questions you may have.

Chattacon has instituted a room party award that we have blatantly stolen from another convention. Basically, the rules are quite simple: Register your party at Convention Registration and, at some time during the evening, our panel of secret room party judges will come by and judge your party on theme, ambiance, food and drink. The high score takes home the award. The award, dubbed the Gilded Margarita Glass Award, is a vision to behold, not to mention being filled with a crisp $100 bill. There will be an award for Friday and one for Saturday nights.

Points will be subtracted by attracting the attention of the NRC, EPA or Homeland Security.

Chattacon Room Party FAQ

When hosting a Room Party at Chattacon, if you let us know well in advance of your plans,  we can list your party on our website and in the program book if desired – just let us know.

There are some rules for hosting a party, however most  of these should be common sense.

  1. Firstly, do not serve alcoholic drinks to minors. Make sure to check IDs. This is the law, and needs to obeyed.
  2. Be responsible. Don’t let your party get out of hand, respect your neighbors, and make sure your guests are enjoying themselves while still staying safe.
  3. Be careful to keep your room safe. Room damage will be your responsibility. We have a great relationship with the hotel and we’d like to keep it that way. 
  4. Clean up after yourselves. Yes, the hotel has cleaning staff but be polite. Don’t trash your room and leave it for someone else. Again, we have a great relationship with the hotel. They are happy to have us there and we like it that they are happy.