Chattacon Consuite

From early morning donuts to late night snacks and of course the infamous Little Debbies, there is always something interesting in the Consuite!

Meet And Greet Other Fans in the Chattacon Consuite

Consuite Hours: Open daily until 7:00 am to 2:00 am.

Chattacon’s Consuite has been a movable feast the past couple of years. The hardworking staff labor to bring the fans consumables of all, from early morning donuts to late night snacks and of course the infamous Little Debbie’s, there is always something interesting in the Consuite!

The Consuite is also the place to meet and greet other fans and catch up with friends both new and old. We hope to bring you the best year yet in Hospitality. As always, we welcome suggestions and volunteers.

Remember, you will be required to present an ID for some service in the Consuite, so be sure to bring a legal ID to Chattacon. Come have fun with us.

Consuite Rules:

  • Some services will be denied without a valid government-issued photo ID.
  • No food or drinks will be allowed to leave the Consuite.
  • As in all convention areas, badges are required at all times in the Consuite.
  • Please help the Consuite staff by cleaning up after yourself and use the provided trash receptacles – we all want the Consuite to be a nice place to be!
  • Smoking is permitted only outside in designated areas. Yes, they can arrest you for violating this.
  • No crashing in the Consuite.
  • Music may or may not be played at the sole discretion of the head of Consuite.
  • Please eat or drink what you get and don’t waste.
  • If you have suggestions, there will be a suggestion box in the Consuite or you can ask for the head of Consuite.

Lani Sessoms

Lani Sessoms

Consuite Director

Chef, decorator and director of the troops!

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