Chattacon Weapons Policy

We have established the following weapons policy to address these concerns. Please read it because it will be enforced.

The practice of carrying or wearing personal weapons at conventions is one of the oldest traditions in fandom. Chattacon respects this custom and we would rather not do anything to interfere with it. Unfortunately, a few fans have created problems in the past by abusing this custom and behaving very badly with weapons. Therefore, we have established the following weapons policy to address these concerns. Please read it because it will be enforced.

•  All knives, swords, axes, shuriken and other bladed weapons, whether sharpened or not, must be covered  by sheaths, cases, reinforced cardboard or some other protective  wrapping. All blades or other small  weapons, such as nunchucks, must be secured to the wearer’s person or clothing so that it may not be  unsheathed or made threatening without substantial  time and effort. This applies in a public or semi- public areas of the hotel including hallways, the lobby and all function space. This restriction may be met for a sword or dagger by tying the hilt to the  scabbard or sheath with a securely knotted cord  (Peace bonding). If desired, a weapon may be peace bonded for you at the Security Office. Exceptions  will be made for displays in the Dealer’s Room. 

• All functional firearms, pellet guns, lasers, sound projectors, tasers and other projectile or distance  weapons are absolutely forbidden. No exceptions will be given (don’t ask). 

• Replicas, blasters and zap guns are allowed. Any convention or hotel staff member or uniformed security  guard may, at any time, require proof that the weapon does indeed not function. 

• Any thing can be used as a weapon. Therefore any object used in a dangerous or threatening manner or  in such a way that it becomes a general nuisance to the attendees of the convention will be regarded as a  weapon by Chattacon. 

• Any weapon being carried or misused in violation of this policy will be confiscated and held until the convention concludes on Sunday afternoon. Afterward, the weapon may be picked up in Operations.  Anyone who refuses to surrender a weapon when asked to do so by a Chattacon representative will be  ejected from the convention without refund. In the event of a serious violation, the hotel will be asked to  evict the violator without refund and the violator may be liable for criminal or civil damages. 

• No assassination games will be permitted. Players will be ejected from the convention without refund  when caught. Please note that this includes LaserTag™ and similar games. Any convention-sponsored events are excluded from this restriction during their scheduled times. 

• Anyone who deliberately or negligently injures another or causes property damage to the hotel, meeting rooms, or the contents thereof, will be ejected from the convention without refund, ejected from the hotel and may be subject to arrest and criminal and/or civil prosecution. 

• Interpretation and enforcement of this policy will be at the discretion of any Chattacon committee  member. In cases of disagreement, the decision of any two (2) members will be final. 

All attendees please note: the civil authorities have been known to take a dim view of persons carrying swords, knives, martial arts weapons and/or large-bore particle beam weapons. Please show some discretion when making excursions into Mundania. 

Remember, “When in Rome…”