The Genesis of Aeon 14

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Aeon 14 is an expansive space opera shared universe created by Canadian-American science fiction author M.D. Cooper in 2012, packed with science, action, humor, and badass women.

In Aeon 14, humanity and their AI friends and partners have expanded across and even beyond the Milky Way galaxy. We modify our bodies with cybernetic and biological enhancements, changing our forms to suit our needs and wants. We travel faster than the speed of light by dark layer and jumpgate. Some of us have even begun to ascend beyond the material world, learning to manipulate the very fabric of matter and energy with sheer force of will.

But for all that, we still bleed from wounds, cry when our hearts hurt, fight when we’re angry, kiss when we’re in love, and laugh our butts off when somebody drops a snappy one-liner.

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