Life Drawing Workshop: Live Birds [ 2 Hrs ]

Glen Helen Birds

Birds have been a part of science fiction and fantasy since the early days; from giant eagles rescuing hobbits, to the modern magical postal service staffed by owls. Lacking the more familiar mammalian characteristics, birds hold a certain mystique in their exotic eyes and sharp beaks that tie in so well to the fantasy world.

This workshop will give artists and illustrators a chance to study the form and function of live, educational birds of prey from the Glen Helen Raptor Center in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Christine Avery, and Rebecca Jaramillo will discuss the finer points of raptor physiology and how best to capture their unique morphology in your sci-fi and fantasy art.

Participants are encouraged to bring their own materials to this two hour workshop, but some basic materials will be provided. Various raptor species will be on display for this workshop.

A $35 workshop fee goes directly to support raptor education and rehabilitation efforts of the Glen Helen Raptor Center.

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