GAME: Futuropia

[6 – 8 PM] Futuropia

Number of Players: 1 to 4

Game Type/Mechanism(s): Simulation; Economic

Game Summary: “In Futuropia, people live in a future Utopian society that possesses desirable lifestyle qualities for all its citizens. As robots can do nearly everything, they all work much less. There is equality, justice, and the fair allocation any remaining necessary work, which then gives us ALL more leisure time. Players are members of a team striving to realize this utopian ideal. They will try to develop completely self-sustaining homes that function as efficiently as possible. They must generate enough food and energy to allow the residents the greatest possible freedom (thus, leisure time). The more people in your development who no longer need to work, the closer you are to reaching our goal!

Chattacon Vendors


There are some goodies waiting for all at the Freebie table, and some friends came to visit Chattacon as well. Stop by!

Chattacon Art Show


Make sure you take some time to stop by the Chattacon Art Show - featuring pieces by our Artist Guest of Honor and more.

Chattacon Dealers' Room


The Chattacon Dealers' Room has some wonderful Vendors this year. Don't miss out on their wares between your panels.