The People of Chattacon 

All guests of honor, panelists, performers, presenters, artists or any other individual who may present in some way at Chattacon are booked in good faith and we have their guarantee that they will appear when we announce they will be at the convention. However, unforeseen events (illness, family emergencies or production work) may cause a particular guest to cancel. 

Darin Kennedy

Darin Kennedy, born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC, is a graduate of Wake Forest University and Bowman Gray School of Medicine. After completing family medicine residency in the mountains of Virginia, he served eight years as a United States Army physician and wrote his first novel in the sands of northern Iraq.

His works include the Fugue & Fable trilogy: The Mussorgsky RiddleThe Stravinsky Intrigue, and The Tchaikovsky Finale; his contemporary fantasy trilogy, The Pawn StratagemPawn’s GambitQueen’s Peril, and King’s Crisis; his ongoing contemporary fantasy series, Songs of the Ascendant, including Shadows of the NightAll Fired Up, and You Better Run; and his YA novel, Carol. His short stories can be found in numerous anthologies and magazines.

Doctor-by-day and novelist-by-night, he writes and practices medicine in Charlotte, NC. Find him online at

Programming Sessions

Late Night Double Feature Picture Show

Join our young couple, Brad and Janet, as they encounter unconventional conventionists and colorful characters in a night they will never forget. Warning: singing and

Vision Ballroom C

The Arctic and the Aether

A survey of the cultural traditions and fairy tales of the Inuit, their environment and the very real monsters which dwell within the Arctic. Stanley

Vision Ballroom B

Culture, Mythology and Spirituality

Moderated by Brian Cooksey The panelists discuss how the study of cultures, myths and legends, and spiritualism of past civilizations plays a part in the

Vision Ballroom A


AGoH Melissa Gay asks the audience for key words and then makes a coherent painting out of all of those suggestions! Ongoing discussion will include