Chattacon Vendors

The Chattacon Dealers Room features vendors from near and far with a myriad of unique wares! You’ll find books, t-shirts, corsets and jewelry, crafts, swords and even the latest gaming modules. Your Chattacon weekend is not complete without a visit to the Dealers Room!

Author, Tamara A. Lowery

Tamara Lowrey

Tamara A Lowery is a local Chattanooga author, artist, and publisher. She writes the Waves of Darkness series, about pirates that aren’t nice and vampires that don’t sparkle, and The Adventures of Pigg & Woolfe, a Steampunk serial about an international jewel thief, a freelance airship mechanic, and a mysterious woman from a supposedly mythical flying island. Formerly published through Gypsy Shadow Publishing, Tamara is now doing business as Steele Rose Publishing.

Her books can be found on Amazon and through most major online booksellers as well as a few indie bookstores. 

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