Chattacon Vendors

The Chattacon Dealers Room features vendors from near and far with a myriad of unique wares! You’ll find books, t-shirts, corsets and jewelry, crafts, swords and even the latest gaming modules. Your Chattacon weekend is not complete without a visit to the Dealers Room!



About Burkshelf

Indie authors living Chattanooga, TN. We enjoy writing, reading, playing video games, cosplaying, and attending conventions.

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New SciFi/Fantasy
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Indie speculative fiction books (fantasy, horror, steampunk)

The People of Burkshelf

Amanda Burkhead
G.D. Burkhead

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Quick Facts

Chattacon is an annual fan convention held in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The convention is organized by the nonprofit Chattanooga Speculative Fiction Fans, Inc. Circa 1976.

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