Chattacon 16

Robert was not only reelected to the board, he was also elected chairman. Filling Bill Zielke’s vacated position, Dee Holtsclaw was elected to the board. One of our long-time directors, Bill Hedrick, was late to the election meeting and was not able to run because of constitutional rules. Also elected were Andrew Denson, a fixture of Chattacon for many years, and Danny Shannon, one of our former troublemakers, who became head of security. And Chattacon dared anyone to stand up to Danny. People evidently approved of the return to the Read House because over 1200 people packed into the hotel. Mark Maxwell boldly kept the bombs at bay on CNN by refusing to go to the bathroom. Khen Moore started the convention on Thursday night by passing out on the bed in operations, waking from the dead only to speak to Harry Harrison. Saddam Hussein was straw-poll voted unofficial FGoH as anxious eyes watched TV screens all weekend.