Chattacon 15

CHATTACON XV will be held at The Chattanooga Choo-Choo, Chattanooga, Tenn. Accommodations are $60 flat, $85 for sleeper car suites. Guests will include Michael P. KubeMcDowell, Robert E. Vardeman, David Cherry, Danny Gill, Wilson Bob Tucker, Stan Bruns, and Dick and Nicki Lynch. Registration: $18 until Dec. 1, 1989; $25 thereafter and at the door. Send an SASE to: CHATTACON XV, Box 23908, Chattanooga TN 37422; or call: (404) 591- 9322 (no collect calls).

A big year. The Choo-Choo wooed Chattacon with big promises. One promise that didn’t work was lovely weather. As chilly January winds whipped through the courtyard, people amused themselves by burning patterns in the carpeting of the hotel with cigarettes. Fan vandalism reached its peak this year, as all the money saved in function space went to offset the damages to the hotel. But, Chattacon would survive. After all, we had a DeepSouthCon coming up later in the year. Needless to say, after all the damage to the Choo-Choo (they also did not look too kindly on the skinny-dipping drunks in the outdoor Jacuzzis and fountains), Chattacon was, once again, without facilities. Surely something would turn up. With Lee Sessoms fielding hotel negotiations, Chattacon made contact with many hotels. But, there’s no place like home, to use an oft-quoted Kansan expression, so Chattacon decided to return to the Read House.