Chattacon 12

Chattacon XII
January 9-12, 1987
Chattanooga, TN

Chattacon XII was held in 1987 at the Carter Plaza Holiday Inn in Chattanooga, TNGoHsLarry NivenChristopher StasheffDavid CherryBeth WillingerWalt Baric. Registration was famously slow.

There is a long con report by Curt Phillips in File 770 #64 p8.

Most of the year was spent bickering about this and that. In April, the Read House floored Chattacon by shutting us out of our contract. Everybody had an opinion about the direction Chattacon was going. Many trips were made to various hotels and convention facilities. Atlanta was gearing up for their Worldcon. Finally, the board decided on the Holiday Inn/Trade Center, where it was felt Chattacon had room to grow. True enough! Over 1000 fans attended that year, Larry Niven put a camcorder to sleep during his GoH speech, and security apprehended many young fans for spitting off the elevators. Tim carried the chairmanship through the Atlanta Worldcon, resigning in October. Previous to this year, when one was elected to the board, it was for life. Among the many stressful things that Chattacon did was bring its constitution in line with Tennessee law. This meant term limits of three years for every director. As the dust settled on that hot, fractious summer, Stuart Lamb, who had joined the Navy yet still retained his directorship, was allowed to resign. This left open positions on the board with only a few months until the convention. In October, Bill Zielke was elected to the board along with Mike Dillson, Helen Pieve, and Judy Bishop (Thomas). Kirk Thompson handled programming duties in a short amount of time and Chattacon adjusted to the new facilities along with the sticker shock on the prices charged by the government-owned Trade Center.

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