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We have tons in store for you over the weekend! You don’t’ need anything to play in any of our gaming events; just walk up and jump in for as long or short of a time you care to play. Be sure to pick up a copy of the gaming schedule at registration to see exactly when and where all the fun will happen. Here’s a look at some of what we’ll have going on…


Ochs, Chambliss and Frierson Rooms


  Time Location Event Host Desscription
  Tentative (Possible just not scheduled yet)
      X Wing event   Stay tuned for details.
      Munchkin Express tourney   Stay tuned for details.
      Board Games With JD JD Beckwith Stay tuned for details.
      Open Gaming Staff We have a large and diverse gaming library for you to pick from. Family favorites to ones you may never have heard of! Our game concierges are there to teach you how to play games or play one you can never find others to play with. Ochs will be open from Fri to Sunday! Don't forget, play games to get tickets! Those tickets get you entered to for the prize giveaway on Sunday at noon! Must be present to win.
      Hero clix Isaac Duncan Learn how to play this popular and easy to play game with Isaac.
      Steve Jackson Games PK Levine What's your favorite Steve Jackson game? Everyone's favorite mib will be on hand to teach and play almost any SJG there is!
      Cool Mini or Not CMON Crew See what’s new in the Cool Mini or Not world and play some fantastic games
      Ogre Davey Bolling Time and details forthcoming
  7:00 PM   Scavenger Hunt Thomas Blanks The annual scavenger hunt! Register at the Gaming Registration in Main Gaming starting Friday at 7:00 pm. The winner will be announced Sunday at noon just before the gaming prize giveaway in Main Gaming. 
  7:00 PM   Clement Sector Sci Fi
RPG Session 1
John Watts The Ice Treasure, 3-9 players. 
The crew of the Hurricane have been approached by an eccentric man who promises them a share of a "magical and amazing treasure" if they will only help him find it. Can they find this treasure? Will it be as wonderful as he says? Or is it all just a wild goose chase?
  11:30 PM   Midnight Zombicide CMON crew If you haven’t played Zombicide, there’s nothing better than a midnight run through a zombie infested town to change that!
  TBA   Talisman Phillip Sacco Ever wanted to play one of the games you see Sheldon and the gang playing on the Big Bang Theory? Here's one! Adventure board game in a high fantasy medieval world that lets you choose from 14 archetypes, like heroes, wizards, villains, thieves and monsters. Be the one to acquire the Crown of Command while you battle each other and fantastic creatures!
  TBA   Saga Born Michael Bielaczyc Time and details forthcoming
  10:00 AM   Warhammer 40K Game On Details forthcoming
  12:00 PM   Hero clix Isaac Duncan This year we're having a special kids only session at noon on Sat. Great for kids that have never played or are already experts!
  1:00 PM   Clement Sector Sci Fi
RPG Session 2
John Watts When Hell Laughs, 3-9 players
The crew of the Hurricane have been hired by a concerned husband to aid his wife. It would seem that she was a member of the crew of
Glendora Malone, a ship which is stranded on a inhospitable planet.
Can the crew help? Is all as it seems? Or will Hell simply laugh at you?
  1:00 PM   Bob Gann Memorial Call of Cthulhu Anita Moore Details forthcoming
  3:00 PM   Ken Ross Memorial Chess Tournament Jason Taylor  
  7:00 PM   Clement Sector Sci Fi
RPG Session 3
John Watts Recoil and Recovery, 3-9 Players
The crew of the Hurricane are approached by a representative from Outback Arms, a local weapon manufacturer.  It would seem that a recent shipment has disappeared.  Can the crew of the Hurricane find the shipment and return it to Outback Arms?  Or are they about to uncover a sinister plot?
  11:30 PM   Midnight Zombicide CMON crew If you haven’t played Zombicide, there’s nothing better than a midnight run through a zombie infested town to change that!
  12:00 PM   Scavenger Hunt Winner Announcement Thomas Blanks  
  1:00 PM   Gaming Prize Drawing Gaming Staff  


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