Chattacon Dealers/Vendor Agreement

Chattacon Dealers Agreement – last update 6/24/2019

This Agreement is Chattacon’s statement of Dealer policy. Please read carefully before agreeing. Please print a copy for your records.

  1. Chattacon agrees to provide 1 table and 2 chairs for each Dealer Table purchased
  2. Dealer agrees to provide payment in full with this Dealer Agreement. One convention Dealer Badge is included per table. One additional Dealer Badge per table may be purchased for $30. Any additional Dealer Badges beyond 2 per table can be purchased at the prevailing registration rate.
  3. Chattacon agrees to provide table space as specified above to the Dealers at Chattacon, barring any unforeseen act s of the universe beyond Chattacon s immediate control which may occur prior to or during the convention dates which prevent s space being available.
  4. Dealer agrees that Chattacon, its directors and its volunteers, shall not be held responsible for items lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed during the convention. The Dealer ’s Room will be secured when closed and only accessible by the Director of Vendor Sales or his designee.
  5. Dealer table space assignments are the sole responsibility of the Director of Vendor Sales or his designee . Dealer agrees to keep the assigned area clean and be responsible for any damage caused by the Dealer. Tables are to remain in the Dealer ’s specified assigned area as placed by Chattacon. Moving of table ( with in your assigned area is permitted. Chattacon will remove the tables from your area upon Dealer ’s request.
  6. The rights granted to the Dealer may not be sold, sublet, given or otherwise transferred to any third party.
  7. Dealer registration fees and badges are non refundable . If a 30 day notice is given, Chattacon will offer to roll the Dealer s registration to the next convention. This is a one time offer and not eligible to be rolled over again.
  8. Dealer acknowledges that Chattacon grants no terms of exclusivity or other licensing agreement to the Dealer. On occasion exclusivity could be granted to the “Guest of Honor” if needed per contract.
  9. Dealer agrees to do business only during business hours and not to engage in any disruptive activities including, but not limited to: unloading and /or movement of merchandise into or through the Dealer Room area during business hours; packing and unpacking outside areas leased to the Dealer, excessive noise, or any activity deemed by Chattacon to be disruptive to other Dealers or not in the best interest of Chattacon or any of it’s participants (I.e. Incense burning including hot plate, excessively loud music, etc.).
  10. Chattacon reserves the right to prohibit the sale or display of any merchandise or service that is determined to be inappropriate or otherwise problematic.
  11. Chattacon does not obtain ASCAP/BMI licensing that will allow the use of live or recorded music at your table. Dealers interested in playing music notify us in writing, and obtain the proper licensing from BMI at (888) 689-5264 and ASCAP at (800) 505 4052 . If a Dealer is playing copyrighted music cannot produce the proper documents, Chattacon has no choice to request that the music be turn ed off. If you do not comply you will be removed for the room.
  12. Dealer agrees to display and sell legal merchandise, which is consistent with all International and US copyright and trademark agreements as well as all local, city, state, and federal laws.
  13. Dealer agrees than no weapon or adult material shall be purchased by or handled by any person below the applicable legal age for that item. Adult materials must not be openly displayed and a private viewing area must be provided by the Dealer for any transactions involving adult materials.
  14. Dealer agrees that any violation or breach of this agreement or any applicable laws may result in the cancellation of this agreement and forfeiture of the Dealers leased space without refund.
  15. All Dealers are responsible to remit to the State of Tennessee any and all sales tax related to the sale of merchandise or services. We will have forms available. To get your forms go to
  16. The forgoing represents the full agreement be tween Chattacon and the Dealer.
  17. All disputes between Dealers and/or the Convention will be at the sole authority and discretion of the Head Dealer.