Use your Tax Return to get your Badge!

Heeeeey Chattacon!

Have you gotten your tax return back yet? Know what would be the perfect thing to spend it on?

If you said “A room and tickets to Chattacon, the best darn con in all the verse” you are right!

So here are those links you need!

Go here and get a room in the room block before they are all filled so you can guarantee the con rate! 

And then also make sure you go here to get your badge pre-registered so you can save some money!

And if you are going to be at JordanCon this weekend, make sure you come by and see us on Friday night at the joint Chattacon and LibertyCon party and you can Pre-Reg there and save an extra $5 bucks and get your badge for only $45.00!!

See you space cowboy!