Todd Pettigrew


Todd Pettigrew

Todd is an avid black powder shooter for both flintlock and percussion weapons.  He is also a bullet caster and modern weapon reloader.

As an amateur historian who has reenacted the 1720’s and 1812 living history of early Georgia and Alabama living history, you will be able to find him at many of the outdoor shooting ranges around Georgia and east Alabama. He is also a competitive black powder shooter and black powder hunter.

Todd hand casts his own ammunition from alloys of pure lead to lead and tin to hardened lead alloys containing bismuth or antimony.  Todd casts round balls, hardened lead round balls, conical bullets and Civil War vintage Minnie balls.

In addition, Todd makes Civil War pistol cartridges from nitrated paper and 1859 sharps nitrated cartridge’s.

Todd is ready to discuss manufacturing of black powder, casting formulations for cast lead bullets and black powder weaponry, and the lineage of early weaponry.

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