Stephen L. Antczak


Stephen L. Antczak

Stephen L. Antczak has had over 40 short stories, many articles, and two novels published (see below). Aside from pursuing his writing career, he is currently a PhD student in psychology, and teaching Intro to Psychology, wherein he devotes one day around Halloween to the psychology of fear and why some people enjoy being frightened. His most recent publication is the short horror story “The Final Four (Suicide Rock)” in the small press magazine Not One of Us.

He is currently copy editing his short story collection Daydreams Undertaken, which will be re-issued by small press Digital Publishing Corp. Daydreams was reviewed by fanzine FOSFAX as having stories that are “…better than the short fiction Hugo nominees in a typical year”.

Perhaps being born in Salem, MA, on July 20th, and graduating high school in 1984, all contributed to his devotion to writing genre stories.

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