The People of Chattacon 

All guests of honor, panelists, performers, presenters, artists or any other individual who may present in some way at Chattacon are booked in good faith and we have their guarantee that they will appear when we announce they will be at the convention. However, unforeseen events (illness, family emergencies or production work) may cause a particular guest to cancel. 

Philip K. Booker

Philip K. Booker lives near Chattanooga, Tennessee, with his wife, five children and neurotic cat, collectively known as Clan Booker (trademark pending).

He writes stories across all genres, but tends to focus on Urban Fantasy and Science Fiction. His pieces are often littered with humor, snark, and pop culture references.

When not writing or hunting the fabled full-night’s sleep; he enjoys playing games like Munchkin and Pandemic with his friends and family, attending conventions and drinking lots of coffee.

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