MJ Koburnus


MJ Koburnus

MJ Kobernus is an Anglo/American novelist. For the last two decades he lived in Norway, but in 2018 he moved to the United States, specifically Chattanooga.

MJ has always been an adventurer. He has traveled extensively in Europe by motorcycle, by train and felucca through much of Egypt and the Near East, and by car and RV in the United States. He has lived on a Kibbutz and a Moshav in the Golan Heights, a small caravan in East Berlin just after the wall came down, and for several years aboard a sailboat with his family in Annapolis, Maryland.

Mike studied History, English Literature and Language, as well as Old English and Old Norsk, at the University of Birmingham in the UK. Elements of these interests can be found in his writing.

He has authored several novels, the first of which, Blood in the Sand, a unique blend of Metaphysical Fantasy and Historical Fiction, was published in August, 2015. The second in the series, Blood in the Snow, came out in 2016, and the third installment is expected in 2020. He has also written the sci-fi novel, Blue Water, and the semi-autobiographical, Sell up, and Sail Away, both of which were published in late 2018.