Gregory Nicoll

Gregory Nicoll is a professional author and journalist whose short fiction spans numerous genres including horror, science-fiction, steampunk, and westerns. Since the 1980s his tales have appeared in several dozen literary anthologies. Three stories were selected for the DAW Books Year’s Best Horror series, another for John Betancourt’s New Masterpieces of Horror, and most recently yet another for The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror 23.

Greg proudly points out that his story “Beer Run” (from 1992’s Still Dead: Book of the Dead 2) features the first depiction of zombies being slain with a Mare’s Leg, a custom cut-down lever rifle which has since entered popular culture (as seen in the Zombieland films and The History Channel’s American Guns) as a standard tool of the zombie hunter. “Beer Run” will be reprinted this year in the new anthology Horror for the Throne.