Chattacon Vendors

The Chattacon Dealers Room features vendors from near and far with a myriad of unique wares! You’ll find books, t-shirts, corsets and jewelry, crafts, swords and even the latest gaming modules. Your Chattacon weekend is not complete without a visit to the Dealers Room!

Moon Haven Studio Dancers

Moon Haven Studio Dancers

Ahoy! Rest from your travels and indulge your cosmic jollies in an experience of dance and performance art featuring the Luminous Web of Moon Haven Studio and the Merrybellies Belly Arts Troupe, led by Jillanna Babb.

The Green-skinned Orion dancers of Sisters of Seduction dance troupe, gender bent Captain Kirk, Wookie girls, Slave Leia twins, and other boundary-crushing intergalactic superstars will traverse the proscenium into the illuminations of the theater to delight, tantalize, and amuse.

This tantalizing troupe is comprised of talented, captivating, and entertaining women who offer stunning entertainment. Their customized family friendly belly dance shows are fit to add spice to any event!

You can find out more about  the Merribellies Belly Arts Troupe, Moon Haven Studio and Jilliana on either of these websites: or