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The Chattacon Dealers Room features vendors from near and far with a myriad of unique wares! You’ll find books, t-shirts, corsets and jewelry, crafts, swords and even the latest gaming modules. Your Chattacon weekend is not complete without a visit to the Dealers Room!

Author, Dr. Ryan McNamara

Dr. Ryan McNamerra

The author of the new science fiction thriller “Gravity Drive”.

In the novel, a mentally ill scientist discovers the Dark Sector, a property of spacetime that explains the phenomena of Dark Matter and Dark Energy. Through manipulations and machinations, he cajoles a group of talented but emotionally vulnerable experts to join him in his quest for space. He and his colleagues build the Gravity Drive, a device that accesses the Dark Sector, and turns near-Earth space travel into more of a science project than a multi-billion dollar government effort.

Needless to say, governments are not amused, and the secret of the Gravity Drive quickly turns into a life or death proposition. Is the scientist a hero or a villain? Is his mental illness a barrier to his success, or the key to it?

“Gravity Drive” features highly developed characters with intertwined subplots as the story advances to its exciting climax. It may or may not successfully explain the cosmological mysteries of Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

It has been rated 4.8 stars out of 5 on Amazon and GoodReads.

I am selling autographed copies and I look forward to meeting and greeting the attendees at ChattaCon

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