Madalyn McLeod

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Madalyn McLeod is a fantasy artist living in the mountains around Asheville, NC. She takes inspiration from nature, folklore and fairy tales to create ethereal paintings using watercolor, gouache, colored…

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David Pancake

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#Sculptor of magical fantastic beasts and #dragons / #davidleepancake David Lee Pancake’s sculptures and illustrations represent a varied and unique repertoire of his personal interests.  He pursues a wide variety of subject matter that…

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Chris Wade

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I am an artist located in Huntsville, AL, the Rocket City. I'm based out of Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment. I have always had a love for space / aerospace…

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Anita S. Moore

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Creating custom environments, scenery and terrain, for tabletop strategy and war games, RPGs, displays, and realistic dioramas. Every piece is handcrafted, and professionally finished to high standard of integrity and…

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Philip Paul Sacco

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A native of New York, Mr. Sacco was transplanted in Georgia when he was 13. Following his undergraduate degree in science, Mr. Sacco graduated from the Medical College of Georgia…

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Thomas Green

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Tom was born in "Enterprise" Alabama it was probably inevitable that he would be involved in the sci-fi industry at some point in his life. In 1982 Tom and Mart…

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The Mutineers

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The Mutineers are a charity podcast and community group focused on growing a love for all things gaming in Chattanooga and beyond, while supporting local charities in the process. As…

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Charles D. Moisant

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Somewhere in a hidden layer in an undisclosed location in Oak Park, Charles D. Moisant is planning, plotting, scheming, if you will, his next creation. Whatever Moisant has in store…

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