Chattacon XLIII

January 19-21, 2018
The Chattanoogan

Chattacon 43 Featured Guests

Peter David

Peter David

Guest of Honor

Sam Flegal

Sam Flegal

Artist Guest of Honor

Todd McCaffrey

Todd McCaffrey

Special Guest

Michael Bielaczyc

Gaming Guest of Honor

Wendy Webb

Wendy Webb


Chattacon 43 Programming


Time Name of Event
4:00PM Gaming rooms open
5:00PM Publicity for Newbies
  The Well-Traveled Writer
  There is no Singing in a Space Opera!
  Exhibit – Halloween: Back in the Day
  Genre Panel: The Other Other Side
  OGRE, an Introduction
6:00PM NeoMedievalism
  Artists Panel: The Bird Whisperer Project
  Podcast: K.R.O.C. – Killer Robots of Cinema
  Calling All Twitchers and YouTubers
7:00PM Opening Ceremonies
  Nostalgia for the Future — Are you ready for a new Buck Rogers or Flash Gordon?
  Doctor Who Costuming: It’s Bigger on the Inside
  Scavenger Hunt
  Clement Sector Sci Fi RPG Session 1
8:00PM Meet the Pros Reception
  Cheeky Nefertiti’s Parlour Game Night
  Digital book cover design and creation
  Screenwriting 101
  Last Minute Cosplay Contest
9:00PM Cult Movies w/Chattooine Live (For Mature Audiences Only)
  Negan, Lucille, and Other Things That Made Me Stop Watching My Favorite Shows
  Adult Toys of the Future (For Mature Audiences Only)
10:00PM Special Event: Dystopian Dance
  Specialty Workshop-Take It Off: An Intro to Risqué Cosplay
  Castle Panic Board Game
  SagaBorn RPG: The Pact
11:00PM Star Wars Trivia Game Show
  Midnight Zombicide


Time Name of Event
9:00AM Saturday Morning Cartoons
10:00AM Manga Swap
  Cowboys and Aliens
  Puppet Creation
  Youth Programming: Crafts
  Warhammer 40K Tournament
11:00AM Playing in Someone Else’s Sandbox
  Dance Workshop: Prowl & Slither with Jillanna Baab
  Social Media for Beginning Writers
  Chattooine 101: Cosplay with a cause
  Youth Programming: Harry Potter Potions Class
12:00PM The Art of Sam Flegal
  Workshop: Intro to Leather Work
  Costuming as a Professional Career
  Live Painting Demonstration
  XWing Free For All
  Youth Games: Hero Clix
1:00PM How Much Science Should a Science Fiction Writer Know?
  The Secret to Building a Fandom Brand with Untitled Nerd Network
  Cult Movies w/Chattooine Live (Family Friendly)
  The Delphic Oracle
  My First Carcassonne: Tile game for kids
  Clement Sector Sci Fi RPG Session 2
  Bob Gann Memorial Call of Cthulhu
2:00PM This Geek Life: Growing Up Geek Part Deux
  Workshop- Make and Take Leather Watch ($ materials fee)
  Vikings: An Exploration
  Marvel Vs DC Debate
3:00PM Guest of Honor Peter David: Meet and Sign
  Philosophy, Science Fiction, and Fantasy
  Convention Pictionary!
  Ken Ross Memorial Chess Tournament
  SagaBorn RPG: More Than A Gamble
4:00PM Theogony Books and Beyond: 30 Books In 2018
  Chainmail Workshop
  Stranger Tales
  Meet the Chattanooga Roller Girls
5:00PM Creating an Alien Race in Realtime
  Changeling: Operation Gaia
  Iron-storyteller (aka “You Said What?”)
6:00PM More than Swords: The Military and Fantasy
  Doctor Who Cosplay: There’s Room for Everyone on the Tardis
  Character Eulogies
  Whose Cosplay is it Anyway?
  Masquerade Pre-Judging
7:00PM Meet the Artist Guest of Honor
  Three Act Structure
  Where for art thou Shakespeare
  Todd McCaffrey: Meet and Sign
  Bellydance Performance by Moonhaven Studios
  Clement Sector Sci Fi RPG Session 3
8:00PM Exploring Historical Fantasy
  Sidekick Cosplay
  I Wrote a Book! Now What?
  Genre Blending: Sci-Fi, Fantasy and More
  Chattacon 43 Masquerade
9:00PM Podcast- Gore Galore 2: Slashers (18+)
  Post-Apocalyptic 101: Crawl Out of the Fallout
  The Wolfhounds
10:00PM Sex and the Single Robot (For Mature Audiences Only)
  Burlesque Performance
  Five Tribes Board Game
  Do You Wanna Date My Avatar?
11:30PM Midnight Zombicide


Time Name of Event
10:00AM The Many Uses of Screenwriting
  Beginning Belly Dance
  Youth Programming: Crafts
11:00AM Indie Publishing: Getting Known as an Author
  Chainmail for medieval costuming
  Literarily Sherlock
  Religion in Science Fiction
  Youth Programming: Advanced Wand Making
12:00PM This Geek Life: Building Your Character
  Couples in Cosplay
  Medicine: Medieval to Modern
  Punk Your Print
  Scavenger Hunt Winner Announcement
1:00PM Gaming Art: Finding Vision
  Special Interest Panel: The Power of Storytelling
  The Walking Dead Comic vs TV
  Does Superhero Fiction Really Work without Art?
  Gaming Prize Drawings
2:00PM Closing Ceremonies
  Gaming Rooms Close

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