Chattacon XLI

January 29 – 31, 2016
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Chattanooga, TN

Chattacon 41 Featured Guests

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Scott Grimando

Artist Guest of Honor

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Larry Correia

Special Guest

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Wendy Webb


Chattacon 41 Art Show Information

The Chattacon Art Show features artwork of all kinds from across the country for you to browse and bid on in a silent auction format, as well as a print shop with art available for retail purchase. Come visit the gallery and see what the artists have brought to us this year. There are always unique offerings for a wide variety of artistic tastes!

Location: Roosevelt Room


Check the Signs at the Roosevelt Room.

Chattacon 41 Photo Gallery

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Untitled Nerd Podcast

Untitled Nerd Podcast was born of the Force (kinda) having aired it’s first live show on May 4, 2015 (Star Wars Day).  Hosts Lonnie Henderson and Derrick “Sleepy” Lowe spend every Tuesday and Thursday night talking about comic books, video games (both new and old), as well as the latest TV shows, movies, and cosplay trends.  Their show is heard in several countries and they have followings in the UK and Australia.  Their Facebook page currently has over 3,700 fans and is fast growing!

Tamara A. Lowery

 Tamara A. Lowery, author of the Waves of Darkness series, is the caretaker of one husband and five cats, a former maid, and a current auto industry worker. That’s right, she get to play with steel and welding robots. She writes about pirates who aren’t nice and vampires who don’t sparkle. Her fifth book in the WoD series, Hell’s Dodo, was published November 2015. You can learn more about her books and other writings on her blog,

Stephen Antczak

Stephen Antczak recently had 2 short stories published at “To Die a Great Death” and “Peace Bug.” Over the years he has had over 30 short stories published. In 2015 his short film “Not the End of the World” was an Official Selection at the Audience Now – New York film festival. He has also worked as a background actor on movies and TV shows, including The Vampire DiariesThe OriginalsSleepy HollowHunger Games: Mockingjay I and II, Taken 3Allegiant I, Dumb and Dumber To, and others.    

D. Alan Lewis

D. Alan Lewis is a native of Chattanooga, Tennessee who now resides in Nashville with his children.

Alan’s debut novel, a fantasy murder mystery, The Blood in Snowflake Garden was a finalist for the 2010 Claymore Award. Alan’s other books include, The Lightning Bolts of Zeus from Dark Oak and The Bishop of Port Victoria. He is editor of the anthology, Capes & Clockwork, and also editing of 2 anthologies for Dark Oak Press, Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem and Luna’s Children: Stranger Worlds.

Robert Sommers

Robert Sommers was first published when he was still in high school. Since then he has written fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and reviews that have appeared in markets such as After Hours magazine, Dreamwatch, Southeast Performer, and the DAW Books anthology Zombiesque. Robert has worked for some of the largest (non-genre) and smallest publishing companies in the world. He lives in the Atlanta area with his family.

Elizabeth Raven

Elizabeth Raven is a wife, mother, and Veterinary Professional hovering in the shadows and moonlight of relentlessly sunny Jacksonville, Florida.   Her Paranormal Romance Series, Matanzas Moon (Book 2: ABLAZE to be released in December 2015) is set in St. Augustine, FL integrating the authentic ghost legends of the Nation’s Oldest City into a lively, narrative driven plot.  Daylight hours are spent indoors working, reading, cooking, or spending time with family, friends, and her four black cats.

Stephanie Osborn

Stephanie Osborn, the Interstellar Woman of Mystery, is a veteran of more than 20 years in the civilian space program, with graduate and undergraduate degrees in four sciences: astronomy, physics, chemistry and mathematics, and she is “fluent” in several more, including geology and anatomy. She has authored, co-authored, or contributed to more than 20 books, including the celebrated science-fiction mystery, Burnout: The mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281.

Toni Weisskopf

Toni Weisskopf is an American science fiction editor and the publisher of Baen Books.

Weisskopf is an alumna of Oberlin College, from which she graduated in 1987. She was immediately employed by Baen Books, where she served as executive editor up until the death of founder Jim Baen in 2006, at which point she took over as publisher.[3]

Gregory Nicoll

Gregory Nicoll is an author and journalist whose award-winning fiction glistens with an intense fever-dream sense of detail, best exemplified by his WWII horror novel Dracula’s  Cat and his steampunk Pied Piper reduxfor the anthology Clockwork Fairy Tales.

Mark Wandrey

Located in rural Tennessee, Mark Wandrey has been creating new worlds since he was old enough to write. After penning countless short stories, he realized novels were his real calling and hasn’t looked back since. A lifetime of diverse jobs, extensive travels, and living in most areas of the country have uniquely equipped him with experiences to color his stories in ways many find engaging and thought provoking.

Vitamin Geek

Chattanooga based podcast, Vitamin Geek, has been going strong ever since January, 2013. With a focus on geek pop culture, the podcasters bring a variety of interests and backgrounds to the table. Weekly episodes typically consist of news, previews of upcoming toys and comics, film reviews and a glimpse into the world of anime. After the first year of podcasting, the VG crew decided to spin-off another show devoted solely to horror entitled: Vitamin Geek House of Horrors.

Thomas Green

Born in “Enterprise” Alabama it was probably inevitable that Tom would be involved in the sci-fi industry at some point in his life.

in 1982 Tom and Mart Shearer founded the “Sapphire Records” label in South Alabama and released their first record through “Hieroglyph Publishing Company” in Jackson Mississippi. Tom has recorded with various artist in various studios, and has performed and worked with Eric Bloom (Blue Oyster Cult), Jimmy Jigger (Doobie Brothers), and Jim Rone (Doc Severinson’s Band).

Louise Herring-Jones

Louise Herring-Jones writes speculative and historical fiction as well as humor and nonfiction. Her stories have appeared in anthologies, most recently “Googi” in Luna’s Children: Full Moon Mayhem (Dark Oak Press, 2014) and, expected in 2015, “The Twittering of Sparrows” in Asian Pulp(Pro Se Press) and “Moundville Revisited” in Ruins Excavation (Hadley Rille Books).  She is a veteran reporter for The Daily Dragon Online.   An advocate for constitutionally protected freedoms, she practices law in Alabama.

Michael H. Harper

Michael H. Harper is an award-winning film producer and director, the owner of Mad Mouth Media, and the co-owner and Chief Creative Officer of Cogitate Productions.  Prior to producing and directing the new documentary 3-Minute Activists: The Soul of Slam, his credits include producing the horror feature Attack of the Morningside Monster, writing and directing the short film Take Me Out, and working on a half-dozen short films and features as an assistant director. 


Pamela and Bill Langston

Pamela and Bill Langston live in Cookeville, Tennessee and are both graduates of Tennessee Tech.  Pamela holds a Bachelors Degree in Nursing and works in pediatrics.  She spends her spare time running in various races (she has completed five half-marathons) and learning to dance swing and Balboa.  Bill is a Senior Staff Systems Analyst with a major defense contractor on a radio frequency identification program.  He plays bass trombone in the Big Band Sound Jazz Orchestra and the Cookeville Community Band, where he also serves as President.  Both are committee member

Milton Davis

Milton Davis is a research and development chemist, speculative fiction writer and owner of MVmedia, LLC, a micro publishing company specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Sword and Soul. MVmedia’s mission is to provide speculative fiction books that represent people of color in a positive manner. Milton is the author of Changa’s Safari Volumes One, Two and Three. His most recent releases are Woman of the Woods and Amber and the Hidden City.

Jamie Marchant

Jamie Marchant is the author of the epic fantasy trilogy, The Kronicles of Korthlundia, the first two volumes of which—The Goddess’s Choice and The Soul Stone—have been published. She is busily working on the final book in the trilogy, which is yet to be titled. Her short fiction has been published in the anthologies–Urban Fantasy and Of Dragons & Magic: Tales of the Lost Worlds—as well as in the publications, Bards & Sages, The World of Myth, A Writer’s Haven, and When she is not writing, Jamie teaches writing and literature at Auburn University.

Dan Jolley

In a freelance career spanning 25 years, Dan Jolley has written comic books for every major publisher in the country, authored original novels, licensed-property novels, and movie novelizations, and provided game design and dialogue for multiple video games, including the world-wide best-selling parkour-vs-zombies game Dying Light. Dan’s latest comic book projects include his creator-owned series BLOODHOUND, the six-issue TERMINATOR mini-series Enemy of My Enemy, and the Young Adult graphic novel LARP!, all available from Dark Horse Comics.


The Molly Maguires

For eighteen years now The Molly Maguires have been Chattanooga’s premier Irish band bringing their unique interpretation to songs ranging from the 17th to the 21st century.  Julie Kunesh, Casey Phillips, Jon Wimpee and Marc Michael come from a variety of musical backgrounds but all share a love for Celtic music and a drive to see people smile, sing and dance. The Molly Maguires, traditional Irish tunes with a rock and roll attitude!

Darrell “Doc” Osborn

Delivering Hilarious Comedy Magic and Amazing Balloon Twisting to Events Across North Alabama and the Tennessee Valley as it’s “No. 1 Magical Mad Scientist.” Darrell “Doc” Osborn is an insanely talented magician, comedien and balloon artist who has performed and delighted all over the Southeast! Chattacon is proud to have him return year after year! Controlled chaos ensues when “Doc” Osborn takes over the Con!

Chattanooga Fire Cabaret


Chattanooga’s premier performance troupe! The Chattanooga Fire Brigade is a dazzling wonder to behold as they perform stunning acrobatics and feats of derring do with flaming accoutrements! This is one sizzling hot show you don’t want to miss!

Deep Space Lounge Show with Luminous Web


Ahoy! Rest from your travels and indulge your cosmic jollies in an experience of dance and performance art featuring the Luminous Web of Moon Haven Studio. Green-skinned Orion dancers of Sisters of Seduction dance troupe, genderbent Captain Kirk, Wookie girls, Slave Leia twins, and other boundary-crushing intergalactic superstars will traverse the proscenium into the illuminations of the Centennial Theater to delight, tantalize, and amuse. Directed by professional belly dancer/artist Jillanna Babb.


Chattacon Gaming 2016

We have tons in store for you over the weekend! You don’t’ need anything to play in any of our gaming events; just walk up and jump in for as long or short of a time you care to play. Be sure to pick up a copy of the gaming schedule at registration to see exactly when and where all the fun will happen. Here’s a look at some of what we’ll have going on…




The gaming only stops, if you stop playing.


The Chattacon Scavenger Hunt

Tom Blanks promises this year’s Hunt will be the best one ever! Well, he didn’t actually tell me that, but I’m sure it will be… 🙂 He’ll be giving out the list of items to find on Friday evening around 6:30 at the gaming registration table in Track29. All finds are due by noon on Sunday with prizes to be awarded soon thereafter.


Traveller with John Watts

John is the owner and president of Gypsy Knights Games, a third party small press publisher creating supplements for the Traveller role-playing game.
John will be returning to the Traveller Car (AKA the Ameerican Car) once again to run three sessions of new Traveller adventures using scenarios from his books. There will be one session on Friday and two on Saturday.


Redemption in the Making

– (Friday evening) The crew of the MV Tiamat, well-known as “problem solvers”, have been approached by a woman who wishes to clear her husband’s name. It would seem that her husband had been a pirate for a short time and stole a large sum of money. She wants the characters to help her locate the money, return it to the owners and clear her husband’s name. Can the characters help her?


Futility and Hubris

– (Saturday afternoon) The crew of the MV Tiamat, well-known as “problem solvers”, have been hired by a small company to hunt down a man who has stolen some valuable property. This thief has boarded a cruise ship heading out of the system. The company wants to put the characters on board the cruise ship to monitor and then capture this thief and recover the stolen property. Other than that, it should be a peaceful cruise. Are the characters up for it?


On the Master’s Trail

– (Saturday evening) The characters have been approached by a man named Andrew Maitland. Maitland will explain that they are members of a new religion, the Obedient, who show their devotion to the Great Master by enduring not only enforced hardship but also by remaining solitary. These seven men, along with five others and members of their family, have an unarmed Atlas-class freighter named The Master’s Trail which they are using as a colony vessel. The Obedient have chosen an uninhabited world in the CXD-305 system for their new home. However, the route is filled with all manner of dangers. Can the characters protect the colonists?
Check out more about John and Gypsy Knights Games at
Browse John’s products on at
See what’s going on in the Traveller 2300 AD world at


Steve Jackson Games

We don’t know exactly where yet, but The Men in Black will once again be hunkered down somewhere to provide a weekend of Steve Jackson goodness. From Munchkin to Car Wars, you’ll be able to get your SJ fix!


Board Games

If you’re a fan of board games, we have you covered. Drop by and find something to dig into!


Ken Cobb Memorial Chess Tournament

Jason Taylor returns again this year to run another episode of our annual chess competition. Boards will be set up in Track 29 at 5 PM Saturday and play continues until only one king remains standing. There will be big prize support again this year, so come and test your prowess and win some good stuff!


Robot Battles™

Set up begins at 10 AM, Saturday and will start battles at 12:00 noon!! We will play until there is nuthin’ but parts left!! Hang around after the battles for a workshop on how to build your own!!


The Chattacon Friendly Snowball Fight to the Death

Winter is upon us! So it is time for JoeDog to pop out and start a Snowball Fight. Competitors will stand back to back, take 5 steps, turn and throw a foam “snowball” at their opponent. If you get hit, you’re out! Awards will be given to the top 3 winners. If you don’t want to play this is a fantastic spectator event, so you don’t want to miss it!


Cool Mini or Not

Members of CMOT’s Legion will be on hand to demo all of Cool Mini or Not’s games. Blood Rage is one of CMON’s latest releases and if you enjoy any aspect of Norse mythology you must sit down for a game. If Vikings aren’t your thing, make sure you stop by and play some Zombicide or any of the other fantastic CMON releases!



Aaron Morgan again will handle all activities for this long-lived superhero clickable miniatures game. HeroClix is super easy to learn and is great fun to play. Stop by on Saturday afternoon and see how it all works!


Other Stuff

That’s not all that will be going on over the weekend… We will have plenty of other events going on that you won’t want to miss. The final gaming schedule will be available at registration, so be sure to see what all is on tap for the weekend when you check in.


Host a Game

Chattacon Gaming is always looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers to host gaming events!
Please Contact Chattacon Gaming for more information!