Chattacon XXIX

January 16 – 18, 2004
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Chattanooga, TN

Chattacon 30 Featured Guests

The following guests are confirmed for Chattacon 29, January 16-18, 2004

Guest of Honor

Mark Tiedemann

Guest of Honor

J. Gregory Keyes

Artist Guest

Alan M. Clark

Special Guest

Andy Duncan

Master of Toast

Charles Grant

Also scheduled to attend:


Chattacon 30 Art Show

The Chattacon Art Show is well known throughout fandom as one of the best and we are not about to lessen our reputation this year. A varied and interesting assortment of flat and 3D artwork will be on display for your viewing enjoymentand acquisition. A print shop will be available again this year to allowyou to purchase prints of some of your favorite works of art. All of the fun culminates in the art auction on Saturday Night.

Artist and/or Print Shop information may be obtained by writing the art show director, Ann Robards, at 7201 Cane Hollow Road, Hixson, Tennessee 37343, or at (423) 842-7130. Please include a SASE. No collect calls, please!

Chattacon 30 Gaming

Chattacon, in its attempt to appeal to an ever-widening circle of fandom, will be holding gaming tournaments in a number of popular role-playing, board and miniature games from a variety of sources. Chattacon will also offer its annual fare of computer-based and home arcade style games in the computer room. If you are interested in being a referee or gamemaster for a tournament, please contact the gaming coordinator, Kyrsten Charland a.k.a. KC.

Chattacon 30 Consuite

Chattacon’s consuite has been a movable feast the past couple of years. We have always tried to make the best of what we were given. For Chattacon 26, we had the most wonderful space for hospitality. Over 6000 square feet for fans to meet, greet and eat. And in the evenings, a dance to top it all off. The hardworking staff labored to bring the fans consumables of all types 24 hours a day. With the change to a new venue, we continue our movable feast once again. This year, we are back at the Read House and located in the old Celebrity Lounge (although it is now called the Chickamauga Room). Those of you who have attended past Chattacon’s most likely have wonderful memories of this location. We are very excited about the move, and hope to bring you the best year yet in Hospitality. As always, we welcome suggestions and volunteers.

Chattacon 30 Programming

There will be much interesting stuff going on, from panels, readings and dances, not to mention the masquerade (with a cash award), but it is too early to have anything clarified. If you have ideas or wish to participate in a panel, please contact our program director, Holly Hina, or drop us a line via Snail-Mail to our PO Box.


Chattacon’s Masquerade is always a big draw. The creativity and inventiveness of our costumers never ceases to impress our audiences. The winner will take home a cash prize. There may also be a hall costume contest this year for those of you who don’t want to go on stage, but like to dress up none the less.

Room Parties

Chattacon has instituted a room party award that we have blatantly stolen from another convention. Basically, the rules are quite simple: Throw a room party and, at some time during the evening, our panel of secret room party judges will come by and judge your party on theme, ambiance, food and drink. The high score takes home the award. The award, dubbed the Gilded Margarita Glass Award, is a vision to behold, not to mention being filled with a crisp $50 bill. Points may be subtracted by attracting the attention of the NRC, EPA or other Federal Agencies.

Radioactive-free zone

Other Stuff

Chattacon also plans to offer additional activities such as scavenger hunts, puzzles and cryptograms, trivia quizzes, dances and other contests. We’ll try to keep you as entertained as possible. If there is anything you’d like to see, drop us a line via email or the PO Box and we’ll try to accommodate you.

Chattacon 30 Future Guests

The following guests are confirmed for Chattacon 30, January 14-16, 2005:

Guest of Honor


Guest of Honor

Larry Niven

Artist Guest


Special Guest

Chris Bunch

Master of Toast


Chattacon 30 Photo Gallery

Chattacon 30 Photos

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