Chattacon 18

Another ambitious lineup of guests and the unveiling of the first Surprised FGoH awaited Chattacon this year. Glen Cook was a GoH and a dealer and has returned every year since. There was no war this year, but a near disaster occurred just prior to the convention when toastmaster Bard Strickland had a car wreck. Brad Linaweaver graciously offered to step in and was given co-toastmaster duties when Brad Strickland was able to make the convention after all. Larry Elmore was such a popular AGoH that he was not able to go out to dinner with Ann. David Gerrold was this year’s rabid fan guest and everyone demanded the sequel. No one was more surprised than Chattacon at opening ceremonies with the Surprised FGoH not there. Jim Arnold was tracked down at his home where he was asleep about 10:30 PM, Friday night. When told of the honor bestowed upon him, he stated that he had to work and wasn’t sure that he would even make it until Saturday evening. When told that he must give a speech and do other stuff, he said he would be there as soon as possible, but would we please give his room to a needy fan. What a guy! Jim Arnold performed his duties admirably and the Surprised FGoH was declared a resounding success. Lori and David Deitrick were pleasantly surprised to find cases of left-over Little DebbiesTM at convention end and took several off our hands. Chattacon also tipped hotel staff members with cases of Little DebbiesTM Christmas Wreaths and rumor has it that there are several cases still downstairs holding up a cabinet in the employee service area.