Chattacon 34 Programming Schedule

The Programming Schedule for Chattacon 34, January 23rd -25th, 2009

6 PMGallery AGhost Hunting: Hands on Investigative Techniques. TPIT

Gallery BConSociology 101: How to meet people at cons. J. Lancaster

Town Hall TheaterArcattack: How and why we do it.
7 PMFinleyOpening Ceremonies: Guest Speeches
8 PMGallery A&BMeet the Pro’s Reception
8:15 PMOutside Convention CenterFire Dance: Kira Lang (weather permitting)
9 PMCentennialChattacon Revue: Featuring Jillianna Babb-Cheshul and troupe, Darrell (The Doctor) OsbornAmberettaThe Molly MaguiresSadistic Scenic City SideshowSyrens of the South

Town Hall TheaterFilk Festival: Tom SmithRobbie Hilliard and yourself. Come join in the singing.
10PMFinleyWhat’s new at SJ Games: Come hear the latest from Steve Jackson himself. Q&A time and Autographs

Grand CentralDrum Circle: Bring your drum and join in. (Fire Pit area) Coattails

10AMGallery AGhost Hunting: Why we do it. SEPSTPITSE Supernatural Asst Team

Gallery BWhat can society learn from SF? S.MacMillan, Martindale, Harvey, Fannon

FinleyWhat is the most important element in a Comic or Graphic Novel? CressallSommersAntczak

Centennial TheaterFencing: Demo and Workshop P. Sacco

Town Hall TheaterOrigami: Learn to make a balloon, a lily, and a modular cube. Paper will be provided. Sparr
11AMGallery ARefining the Inspiration: Cressall Snodgrass, Gilbreath, S. Osborn

Gallery BWriters Groups: What are they and what do they do? WebbAntczakSommers, Martindale

FinleyWho is writing this thing anyway? KurtzSinclaireBuettnerGirard

Town Hall TheaterGhost Hunters: The techniques and equipment SE Supernatural Asst Team
NoonGallery AWorking in the Space Program: Stories from “on console.” S.Osborn

Gallery BDesigning, Sewing and Building your costume: Ardani StudiosHarveyStringer

FinleyTanks!!!! WeberJackson,S. MacMillan

Centennial TheaterIndependent Films: A new Chattacon Tradition! (noon-5PM)

Grand CentralRobot Battles Competition

Town Hall TheaterMiniature Painting: Supplies will be provided. J.Stringer
1PMGallery APitching to Hollywood: KurtzWebbAntczakHudgens

Gallery BWhy does the Left love military SF? WeberCoeBuettnerS. MacMillan

FinleyThe Baen Traveling Slide Show with Toni Weisskopf

Art Show-NookPaper Art Workshop. Participants will make bookmarks using a variety of coloring and stamping techniques. No fee ShockleyRoberts

Centennial TheaterIndependent Films: A new Chattacon Tradition!

Town Hall TheaterMake and Take: Pirate hats Susan Stringer
2PMGallery AWhy and How to tighten a manuscript for submission. WeberWebbDonahueSommers

Gallery BGratuitous Self Promotion: SnodgrassDravenHudgensMandala

FinleyHistory of the Geisha (with costumes) Sara Harvey

Centennial LobbyAutographs: Tom Smith

Centennial TheaterIndependent Films: A new Chattacon Tradition!

Town Hall TheaterBelly Dance for beginners w/choreography Jillianna

Grand CentralLaser Tag Maze-Indoors!!!! (2PM-6PM)

Grand CentralRobot Battles: Robotics workshop and demo
3PMGallery ALearn about lighting, cameras, and writing for short films. H. Cressall

Gallery BVampires Suck(or thanks a lot, Ann Rice) K. Waters

FinleyLap Top Studios: PC/MAC/Linux software to create music, free or cheap. Tom Smith

Centennial TheaterIndependent Films: A new Chattacon Tradition!

Centennial LobbyAutographs: Michael Bielaczyc and Paul Bielaczyc

Town Hall TheaterMagic Workshop: Darrell (The Doctor) Osborn
4PMGallery ASelf Management for Artists: Waters, P. Bielaczyc, M. Bielaczyc, Elliott

Gallery BReal science in SF(or the lack thereof): Osborn, Draven, Cressall, Fannon
FinleyMythology and Mythical Creatures: Sacco, Gilbreath, Donahue, Girard

Centennial TheaterIndependent Films:A new Chattacon Tradition!

Centennial LobbyAutographs: Katherine Kurtz

Town Hall TheaterTowel Origami for Hoopy Froods. Learn how to fold fun towel animals. Towels provided. Shockley, Roberts
5PMGallery AComputer Security for People Who Don’t Think They Need It : C.MacMillan

Gallery BThe core of Reality in SF: S.MacMillan Donahue, Mandala,Girard
FinleyNew media in art: Planning a multimedia piece, to creation and execution. Ardani Studios

Centennial LobbyAutographs: David Weber

Centennial TheaterTom Smith in Concert

Town Hall TheaterBelly Dance: All levels tribal fusion choreography Amberetta
6PMGallery APod Casting 101: Paul Cagle

Gallery BFantasy Casting for the Deryni movie in set up now. Kurtz
FinleyA history of SF art: K. Waters

Town Hall TheaterDrum Rhythms: Bring your drum and learn some new beats. Mike Eaves
7PMCentennial TheaterAtlanta Radio Theater Company: An adaptation of Katherine Kurtz’scharming short story “The Gargoyle’s Shadow” and H.P. Lovecraft’s “Colour out of Space”
8PMCentennial TheaterMasquerade Pre-judging
9PMCentennial TheaterMasquerade

Town Hall TheaterHafla: A Middle Eastern Dance Party-with all the dance hits from the First Century on up featuring belly dance performances by Amberetta, Cross Cultural Dance Troupe, Merrybellies, and Mirabai through out the night.
10PMGrand Central StationArcattack in Concert

11AMGallery AReading: Stephanie Osborn

Gallery BReading: Lee Martindale

FinleyCovers: What we need and want. Jackson, Weisskopf
12FinleyA last chance to meet the guests-Q&A time. Kurtz, Weber, Jackson, Smith
2PMFinleyClosing Comments: Come tell us what we did right and where we could improve. Charlie Williams, Chairman of Chattacon XXXIV


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