Brandy Bolgeo-Hendren

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Brandy is a long time member of Fandom, and has worked within every department of several conventions since early childhood. She is the Chairman of Libertycon, and the Historian here at…

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Holiday Horrors

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"Holiday Horrors" -- Why do some horror creators set their stories during holidays? Are some holidays inherently horrific? Why are there almost as many horror movies set during Christmas as Halloween? And what other holidays are ripe for a horror treatment? Mills,…

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M.D. Cooper

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Malorie Cooper likes to think of herself as a dreamer and a wanderer, yet her feet are firmly grounded in reality. A twenty-year software development veteran, Malorie eventually climbed the…

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Brian Cooksey

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Brian Cooksey is an RPG editor and designer who has been role playing since 1982. Chattacon 12 in 1988 was his second convention ever and he has only missed two…

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