Doctor Osborn

Controlled chaos ensues when Doctor Osborn the Magical Mad Scientist descends upon the convention! Bent on world domination through the use of his haphazard and flaky experiments, he uses the convention attendees as laboratory rats to carry out his diabolical schemes!  


Moon Haven Studio presents: Shimmy at the End of the Universe Don’t Panic! Join the troupes of Moon Haven Studio for a dance show so much fun you’ll drop your towel.  We await you at the end of the universe: Pan Galactic Gargle Blasters raised in your honor. We plan to playfully delight and trounce upon the lovely stage in celebration of Chattacon 42 and in demonstration of our love of hitchhiking the galaxy, thanks to the inspiring work of Douglas Adams. We will dance from Big Bang to Gnab Gib and back again: Hop Aboard!

Big Daddy Voodoo

Big Daddy Voodoo started out as a roller derby announcer, but found himself in demand for his geeky enthusiasm, ability to successfully connect with audiences, and his wry sense of humor as an emcee and event host.  He can be found at every home game of the Little City, Blue Ridge, and Smoky Mountain Roller Girls; and  is often on the road traveling the country as a hired announcing gun  talking roller derby for other leagues.

Vamp Valley Vixens

Formed in 2015, the Vamp Valley Vixens are Chattanooga’s number one cosplay burlesque troupe. They have spent the last two years bringing all your nerdy, geeky desires to life on stage. From King’s Landing to the Restaurant at the End of the Universe they’ve titillated audiences and now, for the first time they are performing at Chattacon 2017! Don’t miss out on the performance that Sauron himself once described as the “One show to rule them all!”

Amtgard, Inc.- Faila Ranae Chapter

Faila Ranae is the Chattanooga chapter of Amtgard Inc. Amtgard is a foam fighting, live action role playing game. This chapter meets twice a week at 2 pm on Wednesday in UTC campus and Saturday at Heritage park in East Brainerd. Keep up to date with us on our group page Faila Ranae (Amtgard Chattanooga) on Facebook.